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And smalltown boys? A: And smalltown boys. The genesis of this mash-up shirt dates back to a few years back when a couple of European punks were joking online about starting a band called Bronski D-Beat. Being a fan of both Discharge and Bronski Beat myself, it dawned on me that both bands had a song entitled "WHY" and there needed to be a mash-up of both. It hasn't happened to this day, but when I found out recently that Cluster Bomb Unit drummer had actually designed and printed a Bronski D-Beat shirt for himself, I immediately ripped his design off to make one for myself. After posting it online, it looked like a whole community of Bronski Beat / Discharge maniacs came out of the woods and started showing interest. With the help of Pzzlshrts, this is now available in very limited quantity for all true Junk-punks. Protest and survive and smash homophobia! – Luc a.k.a @plate.two