CRY OUT - More Echoes Of A Question Never Answered​.​.​. Why? - 12"

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ring it more into a Honey Bane by way of Y Pants vibe, albeit with loads of scratchy, echo guitar that throws the whole righteous stew into the gothosphere. War Aesthetic brings the thuds, all drum machine and searing guitar riff, like a much more DIY Vice Squad, it’s peace punk by way of a crying Tascam covered in basement goo. Fucked Silly, probably the best song title of all time, shoves a rocket up the proverbial with a Fluxy kind of speed punk (before they flew off the deep end) and guitar clearly improvised and slathering all over the top of it. The closer of this EP, Garden Song, has an austere, gothic punk vibe that drives on through the foggy guitar clouds with a arachnoid bassline and reverb-caked vocals from Davis. Absolutely love how those guitar washes crash in on you, edging out all thought.

RIP Rosie Davis. This record is brilliant.