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This lp is propably one of the most haunting ones that i ever came across. Double male vocals, one screaming low-growling and one angry, yelling. Awesome drum works, check out the fifth song to understand what i am talking about. The riffs turns out demonic with an occult feeling. Imagine His Hero Is Gone playing black metal in a rainy forest of the northern ireland...

Comes in a beautiful gatefold cover, artwork by Glynn Scrawled.


A1 The Great Divide 
A2 Storming The Gates Of Heaven 
A3 An Endless Betrayal 
B1 To Stand In Array 
B2 Disseminated Primatemaia 
B3 Totem 
B4 The Last Song

Destructure Records, Ruin Nation Records, Unsociable, Rinderherz Records 2006.

Recorded Winter 04/05 in Bangor and at home by Stuart Martin.