HENRY FONDA / GET WORSE - Hardcore Is My Life, I'll Carry The Name - Split LP

  • 12.00€


Germany’s HENRY FONDA is up 1st on this split. The name of the game here is speed, although HENRY FONDA does like to mix in some slower breakdown parts when they’re not blinding you with whirlwind thrashcore. GETS WORSE steps up to the plate and swings wildly. It brutally unleashes song after song of savage grind/thrash with unpredictable stop/start moments. This is actually a one-sided split with 2 separate marked starting points on the record, one of which plays outwardly and the other plays the standard inward way. There are also locked grooves at the end of each band’s set of songs. Confused? You will be! Great artwork, too! Transparent vinyl. (review by Per Koro)