INFA RIOT - Kids of the 80's - LP

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Blasting out of the north of London in 1980, Infa-Riot (short for the term "in for a riot") perfectly encapsulated the youthful working class angst of the nascent OI! scene and were peers with early groups like The Angelic Upstarts, 4 Skins, and The Business - two of which were their label mates at the legendary Secret Records. After releasing a few compilation tracks their very first stand-alone single "Kids of The 80s" shot all the way to number 2 on the UK charts. Infa-Riot were a big part of the UK sound of 1981-1982 and this collection compiles their classic singles and ripping compilation tracks and is an essential addition to any true UK OI! and punk collection. Radiation Records 2017