BLEAKNESS - Disquietude (demo 2018) - TAPE

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BLEAKNESS had the opportunity to record demo of new songs before leaving on tour with FOTOCRIME last september and to release a tape containing half of this session. This demo is a promising draft as these songs will be re-recorded hopefully soon for a new record. This recording get to the point, it is raw but its a new proof of the band ability to look deeper in their identity, sharping their music again. These four songs are both dark and energic, there is a particular feeling in them like in the hypnotic. "Persistent Inadequacy" or in the instrumental "Remedy the Unease" for which they invited Samuel Frin to play saxophone. This session was recorded by Anthony Gandon in Nantes and mixed by Jacky Spector in Brest. As usual, it comes with a great artwork by Jerome Sztuka Wojny.