ROTURA - Estamos fracasando - LP

  • 11.00€


After their demo recorded at the beginning of February 2020 with 5 songs and presented digitally, they again put themselves in
the hands of Xavi Escribano at EM Estudi in October to record 5 more cuts that give shape to ESTAMOS FRACASANDO, a physical debut
in LP format by this trio of Molins sense Rei that despite being hardened in a lot of battles and bands in the city of Barcelona
waste no time and present us with a recovery of the most melodic, combative and anarchist PUNK sounds of the city with a dark and
melancholic aftertaste that may remind bands like SIGNAL LOST on their guitars. Solid bass lines and a fast-paced hi-hat setting
the beat of an incredible melodic voice that may recall bands like ELEKTRODUENDES or ACCIDENTE ... but ROTURA has its own
personality and the solidity of its lyrics is what makes the difference from what we expect be one of the next punk references
in the city.