NO TREND - Too Many Humans - SHIRT

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PZZLSHIRTS are fan design shirts with art and print by our friend Hugues Pzzl. During the covid lockdown, Hugues had lots of free time and has designed and printed fan shirt for bands he and his friends liked. You know that feeling when you like this band and would love so much to wear a shirt with that specific design ? When you have printing and design skills, time to kill and an urge need to fight covid boredom you just do it !! Since it's worthless to print just one copy and since there are probably few other punk kids that are also looking for nice looking shirts, Hugues has printed just a few of some sizes and the money made of the very few potential sales is to cover the printing set up charges, ink and things like that. These shirts were done for fun by impassionned punk kid but still are "pro" printed. Design are printed on Gildan Heavy Cotton shirts.