Please take note that we are a punk label, it’s our passion not our job. Since a couple of months we had to reorganise and we ship out only once a week. Sometimes shipping services may face unforeseen events and delays and we can’t do anything about that. Thanks for your patience and your understanding.

In the event of significant delays, please get in touch with us via the contact form below.  Please DO NOT use Paypal to get your money back, it won't be faster, it won't be more efficient, it may just be a lack of energy as the request may get lost in the mailbox where all the payments are sent. So please just get in touch, it's always a pleasure to chat with you to sort things out. It will be less frustrating and easier for you and us. 

We do our best to pack and ship out your records carefully, sometimes shipping services don't care as much as we do and things go wrong on the way. We are really sorry but we are not responsible for that. We can't do refunds or returns in case of minor damage (minor seam splits, corner bumps, etc) on your order but if your records suffered serious damages then do not hesitate to contact us via the form below.


We are not taking any submimission. If you follow us you know that we focus exclusively on the local punk rock scene, we mostly do records with and for our friends, it requires so much energy and money that we prefer working with close friends. 


Sorry but we do not do trades anymore. One the most important loss of money (and energy) these past years has been because of trades, we lack time and space, and we're not a big shopping center, we'd rather sell less but sell only our records and few release that we like from friends and labels that we support.  


Please get in touch via the form below, it's the best way to get in touch. Please DO NOT contact us via social media or things like that, most of time it's lost because we don't have the time to answer all messages we receive via all these modern world communication means. 

Thank you very much for your support.

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