BETTER OFF DEAD - Taking Trains - LP - OUT NOW !
  • 2018-04-30

Welcome on the journey, "Taking trains" is the first BETTER OFF DEAD full lenght. This trio involves long time punk activists from Angers, France. BETTER OFF DEAD plays some kind of dynamic punk-rock with a melancholic touch here and there. Listening to these nine songs, other female fronted bands  like LA FRACTION, POST REGIMENT or SIGNAL LOST may come to mind . Some melodies, g ...

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  • 2018-03-30

"Relentless" is the long awaited YOUTH AVOIDERS second album. The five years between this new full lenght and their debut have been really
intense for the band, made of constant live appearances everywhere around the globe. Intensity is the trademark of YOUTH AVOIDERS, "Relentless" is the fruit of a five days sessionin the Normandy countryside studio Swan Sound. To keep it simple, ...

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  • 2018-03-05

The vinyl repress of the MAREE NOIRE demo we released last autumn is up for preorder (shipping mid march). Their first recording on a 7", 4 songs of implacable d-beat hardcore emergency. These guys music and words sound like a response to an oppressive and crushing world, a frank and direct blow. MAREE NOIRE is made by some (still young) punk veterans who played in an impressive numbe ...

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  • 2018-03-05

GUTTER is a quite new band from the very prolific city of Lille, northen France. There is a lot of great bands coming from there since a couple of years. GUTTER released a cool demo last year and we were very enthousiastic when we heard these new songs. This first vinyl effort is a 7 songs 12" of distorded and bitter hardcore with a sour 80's aftertaste. GUTTER develops a very persona ...

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SYNDROME 81 - Béton Nostalgie LP OUT NOW !
  • 2017-11-28

"Béton Nostalgie" LP is a collection of songs released on various EP and split records. It will be out in time for few more shows early November. 18 songs from their Demo, Litovsk split, UVPR compilation song, Desert Urbain, BMAB single serie and Urban Savage split. It is coming in a gatefold jackets with awesome drawing by All Cats Are Grey.

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LITIGE - Fuite en avant - 12" - OUT NOW !
  • 2017-11-22

LITIGE is a great punk-rock band based in Lyon, these 3 girls and this guy bring something very fresh and inspiring, sung half in French, half in English. The demo was already really good, the shows we've seen were awesome and we could not miss this and offered to help them release their first vinyl effort. "Fuite en avant" contains 8 great punk-rock but not the boring kind of punk-rock. The vo ...

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