LITIGE - Fuite en avant - 12" - OUT NOW !
  • 2017-11-22

LITIGE is a great punk-rock band based in Lyon, these 3 girls and this guy bring something very fresh and inspiring, sung half in French, half in English. The demo was already really good, the shows we've seen were awesome and we could not miss this and offered to help them release their first vinyl effort. "Fuite en avant" contains 8 great punk-rock but not the boring kind of punk-rock. The vo ...

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MAREE NOIRE - demo tape OUT NOW !
  • 2017-09-25

Here are 4 songs of implacable d-beat hardcore emergency. These guys music and words sound like a response to an oppressive and crushing world, a frank and direct blow. MAREE NOIRE is a new band made by some (still young) punk veterans who played in an impressive number of bands and still play in bands like Better Off Dead, Bleakness and Syndrome 81 just to name a few. Expect some disillusioned ...

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BLEAKNESS - Ruined Fate 7" OUT NOW !
  • 2017-09-10

BLEAKNESS is a new band from Nantes (France) playing punk-rock infused with melancholic post-punk guitar melodies. Lyrics about fear, despair, system oppression sung with a rageous rough voice. « Ruined Fate » contains 4 songs originally released on a limited demo tape for local shows entitled « Ruined Tape ». These songs were recorded by the band at Swan Sound studio, mixed by Antoine Gandon f ...

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  • 2017-09-03

BITPART and BLEAKNESS are doing a two weeks european tour this late summer playing France, Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia and Italy ! Check the tour details

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DEFAITE - Post-Humain LP OUT NOW !
  • 2017-06-30

Limited LP version of that great album that was orinally released on tape only. Stricly limited to 100 copies since the band is gone now. DEFAITE was a band from Lyon, with ex members of bands like Lexomyl, Telecommande, Overmars, Coche Bomba... DEFAITE plays a heady punk-rock with melancholic vibes. They did a demo and 7" before this album. This vinyl version comes in a nice coloured collage c ...

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  • 2017-02-05

Short Days hails from Lille, nothern France. They’ve released a bunch of ep’s getting better and better record after record. We really loved their « Bleak City » 7″ out last year and we were more than pleased when the band proposed us to corelease their first full length. So « Short Days » is out now, 11 tracks of energy and catchiness often compared to The Observe ...

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