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BLEAKNESS - A World to Rebuild - 12" - OUT NOW !
  • 2020-12-06

A year after the release of Bleakness first album « Functionally Extinct » december 2020 will see the release of another Bleakness record entitled « A world To Rebuild ». Rather than a continuation of the album, this records must be considered as an extension since it features tracks recorded in May 2019 at Swan Sound Studio during the same session as the full lenght.

This 6 son ...

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BLEAKNESS - Frozen Refuge - 12" - OUT NOW !
  • 2018-06-15

The trio strikes again, a couple of months only after the "Ruined Fate" 7", BLEAKNESS went back to the Swan Sound Studio to record four songs. During this short length of time, the band has managed to flesh itself out. Basically, the formula stays the same but it's brought to the upper level. This 12" is a concentrate of punk-rock driven by inspired guitar melodies and rough vocals. Whether mus ...

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BLEAKNESS - Ruined Fate 7" OUT NOW !
  • 2017-09-10

BLEAKNESS is a new band from Nantes (France) playing punk-rock infused with melancholic post-punk guitar melodies. Lyrics about fear, despair, system oppression sung with a rageous rough voice. « Ruined Fate » contains 4 songs originally released on a limited demo tape for local shows entitled « Ruined Tape ». These songs were recorded by the band at Swan Sound studio, mixed by Antoine Gandon f ...

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  • 2020-07-10

Hell yeah! BOMBARDEMENT's Disbeaters, with Oriane as new singer, are back for a 2nd raid! The receipe is not really a secret, but still great cooked!! Beware of this new tracks, they will be made you take a summer hard ride on the Road to Hell! 4 new songs after their awesome first 12". New singer but still the same amount of rage and energy to bring the good old d-beat hardcore punk u ...

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BOMBARDEMENT - Le Futur est là - LP - OUT NOW !
  • 2022-03-10

As the sky is once again studded with bombs the history repeats itself endlessly. “A giant game of chess they play with you and I as the disposable pieces” isn’t it ? There will always be atrocities to document and to denounce. This record ...

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  • 2019-10-14

A glint of steel and a flash of light! Hiding underground since their 2016 demo, Bordeaux' own defenders of the d-beat faith Bombardement have been leaving a trail of destruction that's second to none. Pounding the world like a battering ram and deadly as a viper, their debut LP races through 8 new tracks at bre ...

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