New Releases

  • 2018-12-16

BRONCO LIBRE first LP is out now ! This album is dedicated to native Americans, to their History and their fight. Our lyrics talk about their History but also their stories, and about their extermination under colonisation. We can't pretend knowing or even imagining what this people endured, what they've been through and what their descendants still experience nowadays. Also we don't ...

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CATISFACTION - Kill 'em All - LP - OUT NOW !
  • 2021-12-05

“Kill ‘Em All”, what a name for a record, isn’t it? Here is finally the first long awaited CATISFACTION vinyl release. The band took everyone by surprise with the spontaneity and the electrical energy they give off. They have kept writing hits after hits since their demo released in 2019. Above all, we love the way the trio embodies its music. Three voices blend in both french and eng ...

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  • 2019-10-12

Between closed mines, abandoned factories and grey buildings rises DELETÄR. The city of St Etienne has been home of one of the most active french local punk scene for several decades. DELETÄR is one of the very few d-beat acts coming from the hexagone. This is their first album, get ready for 10 tracks of pummel ...

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GOING AWAY PARTY - A Ride With Our Ghosts - 12" - OUT NOW !
  • 2021-12-10

The post-punk wave of the last few years has brought us so many great bands and so many that remain to be discovered. GOING AWAY PARTY delighted us with a great four tracks demo released in winter 2019. With “A Ride With Our Ghosts”, their first vinyl release and impressive alloy of punk incisiveness and dark disenchantment, the band gives its interpretation of a severe and cold envi ...

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  • 2018-03-05

GUTTER is a quite new band from the very prolific city of Lille, northen France. There is a lot of great bands coming from there since a couple of years. GUTTER released a cool demo last year and we were very enthousiastic when we heard these new songs. This first vinyl effort is a 7 songs 12" of distorded and bitter hardcore with a sour 80's aftertaste. GUTTER develops a very persona ...

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KRONSTADT - Quai de l'ouest - LP - OUT NOW !
  • 2021-06-15

Lille punks are back with another dose of catchiness. 12 new songs of this singular brew who makes you sing along from the first listening.

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