New Releases

  • 2019-10-12

Between closed mines, abandoned factories and grey buildings rises DELETÄR. The city of St Etienne has been home of one of the most active french local punk scene for several decades. DELETÄR is one of the very few d-beat acts coming from the hexagone. This is their first album, get ready for 10 tracks of pummel ...

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  • 2018-03-05

GUTTER is a quite new band from the very prolific city of Lille, northen France. There is a lot of great bands coming from there since a couple of years. GUTTER released a cool demo last year and we were very enthousiastic when we heard these new songs. This first vinyl effort is a 7 songs 12" of distorded and bitter hardcore with a sour 80's aftertaste. GUTTER develops a very persona ...

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KRONSTADT - Quai de l'ouest - LP - OUT NOW !
  • 2021-06-15

Lille punks are back with another dose of catchiness. 12 new songs of this singular brew who makes you sing along from the first listening.

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KRONSTADT - S/t - 12" - OUT NOW !
  • 2018-09-16

Here we go again with a band from Lille, risen from the still burning ashes of TRAITRE, KRONSTADT is a new band from this really active punk scene. The ease option would be to compare them to their previous band but we won't. KRONSTADT offers some great punk-rock, heady and melancholic but also straightforward and catchy. A bunch of French punk bands from the 80's may come to mind while listeni ...

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LITIGE - En eaux troubles - LP - OUT NOW !
  • 2020-06-20

We know a lot of you were looking foward to LITIGE's second album, so we were. "En eaux troubles" is out now and we are really excited about it as it's just the perfect following to "Fuite en avant" released in 2017. LITIGE have sharpened their identity and universe and these 10 new songs hit the target. Some may sum up LITIGE as melodic punk-rock but it's much more than that. Enjoy this new re ...

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LITIGE - Fuite en avant - 12" - OUT NOW !
  • 2017-11-22

LITIGE is a great punk-rock band based in Lyon, these 3 girls and this guy bring something very fresh and inspiring, sung half in French, half in English. The demo was already really good, the shows we've seen were awesome and we could not miss this and offered to help them release their first vinyl effort. "Fuite en avant" contains 8 great punk-rock but not the boring kind of punk-rock. The vo ...

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