New Releases

ZONE INFINIE - Rester et Fuir - LP - OUT NOW !
  • 2018-06-17

We're really happy to be involved in the corelease of the second ZONE INFINIE album. We loved their first effort and every time we saw them live it was a blast. With "Rester et Fuir", ZONE INFINIE pick up where they left off, sharpening their identity and making a great step forward in their sound, music and l ...

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  • 2019-12-06

Euskal rage ! HONDARTZAKO HONDAKINAK came to life in 2011 in the northern part of Basque Country. Straight from their demo they caught the attention of many of us, delivering an impressive amount of noise and distortion. "Bruiarta" is their first full length and the trio made the most of it bringing new influences and more diversity to their sound. 80's UK punk will come to mind listening to th ...

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DEFAITE - Post-Humain LP OUT NOW !
  • 2017-06-30

Limited LP version of that great album that was orinally released on tape only. Stricly limited to 100 copies since the band is gone now. DEFAITE was a band from Lyon, with ex members of bands like Lexomyl, Telecommande, Overmars, Coche Bomba... DEFAITE plays a heady punk-rock with melancholic vibes. They did a demo and 7" before this album. This vinyl version comes in a nice coloured collage c ...

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 EXHAUSTION - Surrounded by the Depths LP OUT NOW !
  • 2016-04-05

Taking influences from both sides of the Atlantic Exhaustion deliver an unforgiving hardcore assault. With ‘Surrounded By The Depths’ containing 12 tracks which weaver through many facets of hardcore bring medley of Scandinavian Kang punk, with the ferocity of Japanese hardcore, with a crushing sound similar to that of World Burns To Death and Deathraid. Simply put the Caen outfit are ...

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  • 2017-02-05

Short Days hails from Lille, nothern France. They’ve released a bunch of ep’s getting better and better record after record. We really loved their « Bleak City » 7″ out last year and we were more than pleased when the band proposed us to corelease their first full length. So « Short Days » is out now, 11 tracks of energy and catchiness often compared to The Observe ...

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OSTAVKA - Ostavka 12" OUT NOW !
  • 2016-12-05

After a long delay due to rejected test presses... the records is finally arriving this week. Ostavka is a quite young band from Brittany, they had a demo and a first 7" released last year. Ostavka members have previously been in several punk/crust bands and are now exploring the coldest and darkest side of punk with lots of depressive and melancholic melodies. Beautiful guitar pickin ...

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