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Madeline Goldstein's sophomore release begins with a cold, pulsing synth that enters alongside a synchronous 808 kick. "Seed of Doubt", the first track from Other World, establishes an unyielding presence within the song's opening bars that is felt brooding throughout the entirety of the record. The song demonstrates Goldstein's symbiotic relationship with her home-base LA, a bustling urban metropolis of lavish texture and grit, density and sparseness, characteristically similar to that of her arrangements.

"Other World", the tranquilizing title track, is a continued exploration of the artist's marriage of synth-drenched darkwave and spacious new wave. At its entrance, "Other World" lures its listeners in with weaving, segmented drums, droning synths and a soaring soprano delivery bridging the ethereal yet danceable trademark of Goldstein's style. The main vocal line, delivered with Goldstein's signature elegance, gains intensity towards its climactic third act -- the track culminates as backing vocal harmonies careen, levitating above the composition and making way for a distant saxophone to bring a soothing warmth to the track's end.