NOWAVES - Odd Secrets - LP

  • 13.00€

Killer 10-track post-punk album with a darf surf vibe and a danceable goth pop sound from Dresden, Germany After a good two years, the Nowaves from Dresden's third album follows. The four wise men from the Eastern West present here (in my opinion) the best record from their creative period to date. Although they stayed true to the typical Nowaves sound, they mixed in a little pinch of instant pop here and there. Mmmm, that tastes good! For the purists here, I'm not talking about flavor enhancers. Still a long way from any kind of gloomy dismay, where attempts are made with cathedral force to create a mood in order not to get into the mood. They just do their own thing, no matter what others say! 'Golden Apples' is covered by the Country Teasers and the mantra is chewed on the intro for so long that every GDR chewing gum becomes jealous. What else should I tell you about this band that you don't already know? Listen to the album and you'll know what I mean!