PISSE - Mit Schinken durch die Menopause - LP

  • 11.00€

Debut LP and all synth punk hell is breaking lose, dancehall, Rudimentary Peni vocals, squeezeboxes - everything is possible.

If you don't have any money, punk rock is still the best travel agent! Brezel Göring recorded the record because he's famous and we thought if we stuck with his ass, so would we. But instead it was a huge disappointment. There can be no talk of a studio at all. There's just old rubbish lying around - and we had to record it on cassette. The guy can't do anything but look good. Just like us. Fits well together again.

What kind of music is this? No plan. Others have to decide, I always say. But then you meet someone in the bar in Berlin, some hippie old lady, and she says: “Hey PISSE, cool, like pseudo-punk, or what?” - What do you want to say?