BEDROOM EYES - Turned Away - LP

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Bedroom Eyes is the New Hampshire-based quartet of RJ Murphy, Adam Meran, Danny Boyd and Rob Skelly. With a sound evoking the reverb-soaked jangle of Creation Records and the shimmering noise-rock of late 80s Slumberland gems, Bedroom Eyes have been steadily releasing an impressive output since their 2012 debut, What Are You Wrong With. Following Honeysuckle (2015) and Nerves (2019) Bedroom Eyes' skillful hybrid of articulate guitars and squealing feedback culminates here with their latest full-length Turned Away, releasing fall 2023 on à La Carte Records.

Bedroom Eyes' forthcoming LP Turned Away was mixed by Elliott Frazier of Ringo Deathstarr and recorded by Justin Pizzoferrato of Sonelab Recording. Pushing boundaries of comfort with each release and employing abstract lyricism wrought in anxiety and exploration of change, Bedroom Eyes crafts a sonic space that feels like an effortless marriage of extremes. At times serene and at others, raucous and discordant, the band's unique articulation of the shoegaze genre is a masterful rarity. "Brood", the first single from Turned Away releases digitally on May 30th.