EKSTASIS - Paralyzing Impermanence - 12"

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Humankind does not have sufficient ramparts to stop the magmatic frenzy coming from the bowels of the earth. Mental and physical tortures merge in a tragic whirlwind. Imagine being tied to an electric chair and immersed in a bath of acid at the same time and you get the apocalyptic theater where EKSTASIS plays. This incandescent fire they described as a melding of early-90s Swedish death metal and Teutonic thrash with a sharp and maniacal execution is unique and distinctive. Leaving no respite, the savage machinery goes on. The band does not appear out of nowhere, EKSTASIS’ members have extremely impressive background : Dave Williams used to play in CRUSADES, BLACK TOWER, while Damien Moyal has fronted many influential hardcore bands : MORNING AGAIN, SHAI HULUD, AS FRIENDS RUST. Since the recording of these songs, they have combined their forces with Fred Estby (DISMEMBER, CARNAGE). “Paralyzing Impermanence” is an uncontrollable storm from which you have little chance of surviving