EXHAUSTION - Irreverence - 7"

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"Irreverence" contains four new songs by Exhaustion from Caen (Fr)… These songs were recorded in the Normandy countryside at Swan Sound Studio by Guillaume "The Conqueror" Doussaud and are from the same session as their split with GaBLé. Exhaustion plays straightforward punk-hardcore influenced by several generations of punk bands from crust of the 80's to more modern stuff. Don't expect the now usual "neo-crust" thing but just some powerful punk made from d-beat rythmics, direct riffing, angry vocals and dark sociopolitical lyrics. This 7" comes with a 8 pages booklet containing lyrics and various texts dealing with the subjects treated in the songs : atheism, world wars influence on today's world, human self-limitation and self-destruction… It's a corelease with our long time friend and great label Stonehenge records.