• 15.00€

Hildegard Von Binge Drinking are that tireless duo that takes no shit in terms of output and highway miles. For more than a decade they have been breathing new life into a zombified neo-krautrock carcass – or rather building a new synth-rock golem out of its body parts, which is then fed with Devo, Rihanna and Amon Düül II tapes. After the 2021 EP"Sprechfunk mit Toten" (Sabotage), there are now eight new songs (three of them instrumental) coming out as "Echo der Delfine" LP on Sabotage this summer. Not a well-kept secret any more, since HVBD play in their own league, with “Echo der Delfine” manifesting as their peak. The German lyrics are more forceful, the songs more polished and the urgencymore palpable than ever before. Despite all their humor and wordplay, HvBD are a serious vehicle of artistic and emotional expression for two angry (ex?)punks. Self-produced with Lolo Blümler, the record comes with gorgeous artwork by Oriana Fenwick and Philipp Dittmar. The vinyl color is Curaçao Blue – and there’s even a limited edition with risography cover in fluorescent orange and pink.