LASSIE - Collected Cassettes - LP

  • 12.00€

Mutant robot rock, combining the downstroke dum-dum sounds of the SPITS, the punk-pop of the Dirtnap roster, and the kitchy sci-fi fun of the REZILLOS. Party on! 
Both tapes "Yes! Like The Dawg" and "Just A Couple Of Dudes" on one LP, basically just turning around again! Weirdo-Synth-Trash Punk by 5 young professionals between Uranium Club, Devo and The Tronics. It's basically fully compatible with the "Phantom Back Catalog" (sic!). Aesthetically it fits between 90s trash TV, Jacuzzi Night Life, that one Cardigans video with the red car and a certain knack for second hand.