MEAT SHIRT - Army of Dolphins EP - 12"

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It won't take long before you get affected by the contagious enthusiasm provoked by MEAT SHIRT. Some electrifying waves are coming and no one can take control of the untamable energy. MEAT SHIRT tumbles without warning and throws everything on the ground. Is it punk ? hardcore ? garage ? Who cares, this is just the right dose of spontaneity you need. MEAT SHIRT confesses being influenced by the Californian and Texan 80's hardcore scenes as well as the psyche movement but you better judge from yourself.

MEAT SHIRT comes from St Brieuc, Brittany. The band was formed around someone well known at Destructure ; our old friend Hugues with whom we already released a record almost 20 years ago and who was in charge of the Destructure mailorder during the past years, no less ! This ep was recorded by Lionel Cadiou At the movies. Artwork by the band's drummer Hugues Pzzl.