NO SUGAR - Rock 'n' Roll isn't Boring it's you - LP

  • 8.00€

With both a sonic and visual presence hearkening many of punk rock’s most sexually and politically-charged eras – from the 90s Grrrls of the Pacific Northwest to the Bromley Contingent of the 70s UK, the 80s Queercore movement to the Motor City ballrooms of 60s and right on down to the Sunset Strip’s forever-reigning ‘Queens of Noise’ – Kiel/Leipzig, Germany’s No Sugar is a bittersweet amalgam of fun, strutty, high-energy garage rock’n’roll and scathing sociopolitical criticism. The follow-up to 2018’s Wasting Time with Rock’n’Roll cassette, Rock’n’Roll Isn’t Boring, It’s You is a debut full-length that would be right at home atop any of the aforementioned ‘scenes’ as well as nestling snugly beside such current rabble-rousers as Surfbort, Amyl and the Sniffers, Uranium Club and Ex Hex.