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STALLED MINDS is composed of the three quarters of YOUTH AVOIDERS and even if the guitar playing is recognizable miles away, the two bands don’t have much in common. “Shades” is coming out at just the right moment of the year. These 11 songs are the perfect answer to days getting shorter, darker and colder. Expect some warm, super-fast, energetic and thrilling pop but punk music.There is some communicative enthusiasm which shines through STALLED MINDS and who can complain about that ? Informed ears compare them to THE NERVES. This is the band's first full length, brilliantly articulated between lively choruses and frantics riffs. We can’t get enough of this album and we know you won’t either. Recorded by Nico Destructure at Swan Sound Studio, Mixed by Jacky Cadiou At The Movies Studio, Mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory Mastering. Artwork by Jamie Arteries, band picture by Joan Dastarac. Mailorders can choose limited clear red vinyl or black vinyl.