UNDER 45 - Stonewalled - LP

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The cross-Channel trio UNDER 45 is back with a new gesture in the form of a full lenght album. About 3 years after their first effort, the band goes further into their musical blend. This is still some kind of electrifying post-punk that makes you bang your head from the first second and everything you loved about their first songs is still here but there is also more to expect and more to enjoy. UNDER 45 hits the mark with 10 new irresistibly sarcastic songs that you will find yourself humming instantly and that’s what we sorely need.

Let's see what Jake, the band's singer, has to tell us about "Stonewalled" :

"It's a natural progression from our previous release. Still wanting to keep the same energy and rawness from before but also open to try some new ideas. We share different musical backgrounds and influences and that definitely helps keep the sound fresh and exciting (to us at least). The writing approach was different from last time as lockdowns had subsided and we were finally able to come together and rehearse in the flesh, like a real band. This definitely helped speed up things, and ideas were shared more coherently. We always work pretty efficiently in the practice room as our time together is quite often limited, so when we do get a chance to practice, it’s all gung ho! Sometimes a song could be done and dusted in one session.

The lyrical content of the songs are mainly coming from an observational viewpoint. Whether that be from my (Jake) personal experiences in life, or imagining someone else's. The topics vary and can sometimes be quite serious and politically charged, whereas others can be more absurd, tongue and cheek so to speak. In my view, our world is chaotic and I try to reflect that in the lyrics.

The album title “Stonewalled” is a reference, or a dig at our political leaders, people in power etc who hold great responsibilities yet have become finely tuned experts in being evasive, avoiding contact, refusing to answer questions, and not engaging with the people. They stonewall us."