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Vinyl edition of the split released previously in 2019 during Vidro and Cankro's Brasilian tour.
VIDRO have dominated the scandinavian soundscape for a good, long while now. They keep pursuing their formula of gritty, crisp vocals on top of ghost-like reverbed guitars accompanying Staffan furious 80's charged batteries. Vidro's lyrics revolve around identity, sexist filth, nationalism and torching the earth; but always delivered with grit, snarky sarcasm and bitterness. Their tracks on the split are a abit more melancholic than the previous LP and prove that their sound is not defined by tempo.
CANKRO debuts on vinyl with a new breed of raw hardcore punk for fans of SUB-era Brasilian hardcore but with a contemporary twist, hooks and some parts that turn the trope upside down by infusing 30 minute rocking solos that works beyond all expectations!  Stripped for metallic clichés and charged with desperation and sincerety; CANKRO rips open a new wound on the surface of contemporary hardcore punk. Welcome to a inferno of hardcore punk agression.