AMHRA - Más Allá - LP

  • 10.00€

Last Rites review : "I’d never heard of “barbarian crust” horde Amhra before hitting play on the Galicia-based band’s Más Allá debut. Co-released by labels Symphony of Destruction, Abbsurda Existencia, and Phobia Records, Más Allá is heavy as the Sword of Damocles and features gruffer-than-gruff tunes that hit like a nail-spiked baseball bat. After a few creepy crow cries, the storming “Reflejos” kicks things off, with steamrolling tracks like “Salida,” “Fauces” and “Perros” delivering guttural barks, sheet-metal drums and thick, tarnished riffs. Mammoth-sounding metallic crust plays a big role here, but forget any of the spit and polish of trendsetting crustcore. Amhra’s take on crust and d-beat is downbeat, dirty and toxic—definitely not made for fence sitters or fly-by-night flunkies."